Have you ever felt empty while having everything you wanted?

For years, this was me. A former fashion designer living in NYC, stylist, yogi, and entrepreneur that got tired of the ever-changing ideals of fashion and constantly feeling empty, stressed and isolated.

I believed that if you did everything ‘right’ and checked off the boxes against the things we’re supposed to do, then happiness and success would follow. I was totally wrong... the Universe had a very different plan for me.

During those years I strived for success through being a real perfectionist – at work, with my body and my lifestyle. This got to the point where my health really suffered. I battled against anorexia and then bulimia for years. I was always finding ways to be busy… a new project, trip, course or partnership that would keep me distracted from myself. 

One day things drastically changed, and I was faced with the opportunity to redesign my life, surrender and recover.

In 2010 my bones were so fragile that I broke my foot, ankle, tibia and peronei, all as a result of my poor eating habits. The doctor told me I wouldn't be able to walk for a year!

My controlling perfectionist was losing its power, but I felt in my heart that my soul was ready to start to take the lead.


Transformation is divine freedom.

After years of running away from my truth, feeling soulfully empty and unmotivated, I had a breakthrough in my breakdown. The trigger? I accepted the lesson. I got on my knees and prayed. I fully surrendered to life, love and what the universe had to offer.

Like everything in life it was not exactly champagne and roses. My recovery was not conventional or easy but each step made me who I am today: a seeker, believer, dreamer, student and a teacher.


This gave birth to totally a new me: The Soul Stylist

I was reborn into love. Reborn into faith. Reborn as myself, an identity hiding beneath the assumptions, pressures and fear based thoughts that my whole life I'd created.

It was through welcoming faith and surrendering control that my light appeared so clearly. This light was divine love. It was my truth. It was a voice and knowing inside of me that I’d spent too much time repressing.

My life became my training. With no clear path ahead of me all I could do was trust, so I started following this sacred guidance above my usual instincts.


If you want to SEE, you have to BELIEVE FIRST

I started learning about our relationship with Divine Love (God), the sacredness of our bodies, spiritual science, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, prayer, among other tools. I started teaching and sharing through my work in fashion that if you want to be empowered, beautiful, confident, sexy. You have to FEEL IT first!

Two years ago I found a special calling; to share all this knowledge through serving as a spiritual teacher and coach.



For almost a decade I worked as designer and fashion consultant for many different men, women and businesses; from fashion houses and the entertainment industry to the corporate and diplomatic worlds.

It was through this varied work and observing the connection between people and their style, that I had a deeper realization that changed my whole approach.

I realized that true style is about feeling good in your skin, and that can only be achieved by seeking illumination – nurturing the infinite light that can only be ignited when we create from the place of our soul.

This is the birth point of our spiritual and creative footprint, a silent language that communications through the way we speak, think and feel to the way we negotiate, lead, live and parent: THIS IS YOUR TRUE NATURE.

We are all different, perfectly imperfect beings. And each of us have a special spiritual signature that must be discovered and loved.

This truth can be nurtured and illustrated in so many different ways. From selecting our clothes to our jobs to our partners and friends, every choice has the power to move us further into alignment.

Within my coaching programs, courses, workshops and online advice, I guide my clients  to connect with their light and support them to:

  • Align their choices to reflect their deepest truth and purpose.

  • Release the fear and blocks that have been preventing them from growth.

  • Find opportunities in obstacles and challenges.

  • Manifest an amazing life, better than their wildest dreams.

A holistic approach to self-expression sits at the core of my work, as with each new shift we create more space for our inner light to grow.

We feed the light. We deepen the light. We become the light.

Peace, love and light,