Mindful Immersion Mode ON - CHOPRA CENTER day 1


I'm beyond grateful and excited for this adventure/chapter .Ready for one week with Dr.Chopra and Ms.Marianne Williamson.

My soul sister Julianne Bernstein is here too! You will meet her very soon!!!


Shoes: YSL  Pants: Roberto Cavalli Dress: Tibi 

Shoes: YSL 

Pants: Roberto Cavalli

Dress: Tibi 



Estoy muy agradecida y emocionada por este nuevo capítulo. Empezamos una semana de meditación, yoga y mindfulness  con el Dr.Chopra y Marianne Williamson. 

Mi querida amiga y soulsister Julianne Bernstein esta por aca. 

Zapatos: YSL  Pantalones: Roberto Cavalli  Vestido: Tibi  Malas: Mandala Om Malas 

Zapatos: YSL 

Pantalones: Roberto Cavalli 

Vestido: Tibi 

Malas: Mandala Om Malas 

Spring fling

Spring equinox here are two equinoxes every year – in March and  september- when the Sun shines directly on the equator and the length of night and day are almost the same.  Equinox is derived from Latin, meaning "equal night.

Why is it relevant? For many reasons but for me the most important is the fact that it sets a new beginning. The sun and natural cycle will renew, transform and shine  again. 

Wrapped in this  cape I was feeling the beginning of a sweet summer breeze...

May the seasonal shift bring you light and clarity.

May you be a master of change. 

May you stay true to yourself  everyday. 

Love and light.



Farm day: Coffee Pollination

Nature is so wise it give us chills! Yesterday our coffee plants decided to BLOOM!

What a smell... uh la la its just beyond magical. 

I woke up a few days ago  and voilà everything was full of white and smelling like sunshine. 

Now, do you know the importance of this magnificentphenomenon? 

Flowering in coffee is one of the most important mechanisms in the evolutionary ladder, bringing about continuity of genetic material for future generations. The flower shoot and the fruit set of the coffee flower, its perfume, shape and color give some indication of the possible quantity of the expected coffee crop. Yes! It's a preview of how healthy and nurtured our plants are! Actually, worldwide coffee crop estimates are determined by observing the extent and intensity of blossom.

After pollination starts, honey bees and butterflies are the primary pollinators. Wind AND MOISTURE also helps to a certain extent. Pollination takes place within five to seven hours after flower opening and then the cycle continues...

Stay tuned for more updates from this blissful harvest!

Love, Light and COFFEE!!




Color, mood and perspective...

• "A beautiful world exists not through the things we acquire, but through the heart we see." ― Satsuki Shibuya •

I love changing things up. There are always so many creative thoughts going through my mind, so many different vibes on my inspiration board.  If we have been given the freedom and capacity to create, the free will to choose love and recognize beauty, why wouldn't we open our minds and hearts to the bigger picture rather than confining ourselves in the "safe"?

Its all about perspective. 



Style your mind

"Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively." - Sharon Salzberg •Camino @fidcr después de una mañana de mucha yoga y meditación @PadmaYoga • Detalles la próxima semana• #feelingdelicious Youtube channel soon!!!