projects that are close to my heart

I'm so proud to be associated with many amazing projects with a mission to create beautiful social and positive impacts.

Here's a couple of my most recent pursuits... 


Coturban- Couture for the cure

In 2011, I started developing a dream… 'Coturban – Couture for The Cure'; a collection of stylish, luxurious-feeling turbans designed specifically for women battling cancer.

I call it the empowered, sexy, wellness revolution. 

This project was directly inspired by my Mom's friend Doña María was often asking me for something 'cool' to wear for days when wig just didn't feel right. That is how Coturban was born... An accessory for brave, loving women who desire comfortable headpieces that make them feel stylish, feminine, strong and BEAUTIFUL.   

Function: 1 turban can be worn in 5 different ways. We produce these in 3 different colors. 

Style: Feminine edgy, yet approachable designs that will inspire women and make them feel nothing but what they already are.... just fabulous! 

Coturban FT. TRAFFIC MAGAZINE. Thank you traffic for your support and love. thank your for inspiring women from all over the world to remain true to themselves. To have faith and radiate beauty & strength from their hearts.


PHOTOS: Andres Valverde. Traffic JAN 2019.


Closet Hispano for Proyecto Daniel

This was a beautiful project created and developed by Ariana Fernández, in which Coturban collaborated.

We spent a transformative day gifting our turbans to patients from 'Proyecto Daniel' and offering empowering style advice. 

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Coturban – Couture for The Cure is an ongoing project. If you or your business would like to get involved, please email me!


MANDALA FOR PEACE – We are ONE project

 MANDALA FOR PEACE wants to build a community of love, trust, and gratitude through art, education and, love.

Every product we sell will contribute to our social organization in our brand book you can find the 10 organizations we currently work with and support.

We are a small company but we BELIVE in sharing and building a better world together.

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“I met Michelle several years ago in her workshop 'How to dress the soul'.

Her testimony and gentleness reached deep into our hearts.

When life hits you, it can steal your health, your hair, your mobility and even some parts of your body. With certain costs, you can gain the physical strength to keep going physically, but not necessarily regain the emotional strength to feel beautiful again.

In her workshop Michelle gave support and tools that allowed us to feel hope and highlight our inner beauty. For her advice and teachings, I will always be grateful to have someone like Michelle in my life."



SOY EL CAMBIO, construyo mi futuro

 “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, when we dream together we make it happen.” – Karla Blanco 

An empowerment program driven by Paniamor, Intel, vital voices and myself. 

For nine months, the young women participated in work sessions to strengthen the construction of values, skills and social skills. Issues of gender, violence against women, socio-economic education, and information and communication technologies were a vital part of teaching. Soul styling was also part of the tools that where used to empower and inspire change.