Coturban- Couture for the cure

On 2011, we started developing a dream… “Coturban-Couture for The Cure.

A very comfortable yet stylish headpieces inspired on women that fight against cancer. It all started with one of my moms friend that always asked me for something "cool" for the" I don’t feel like wig days"she said.  That is how CO-turban was born. An accessory for brave, loving women that  give us strength and inspiration. 

If you want to be a part of it please email us. 



1 turban that has 5 different ways to wear it in 3 different colors. 



Feminine edgy, yet approachable designs that will inspire women and make them feel nothing but what they already are.... just fabulous! 


Collaboration with Closet Hispano for Proyecto Daniel

How to dress your soul? A beautiful project created and developed by Ariana Fernández. 

We gave style tips, turbans to patients from "Proyecto Daniel". It was one of the best days ever! We had such a good time and learned so much about ourselves!