Happiness is real when shared!

Lets live a natural, mindful, and beautiful lifestyle within an inspiring and growing community 


By sharing with you DōTerra, my intention is to introduce you the opportunity to connect in a deeper way with Mother Earth and your ability to heal your physical, emotional and energetic health.

I want to share something very special that has allowed me to live more present, connected and happy. This natural and pure path will return you to your essence ... and from there, the limit is infinite, you decide how far you want to take it.

From my personal experience I can only tell you that through these wonderful oils I have been learning to heal my body, relax or reconnect with myself through the properties of its ingredients. Definitely, they have become an essential part of my lifestyle, transforming and improving the way I live and the people around me.

Thanks to this great family I have been able to connect with wonderful people who inspire me and also like you and I want to be the best version of themselves.


"DōTerra is dedicated to changing the world, drop by drop, person to person, one community at a time" - DoTERRA


Benefits of Our Community

Private Group of Facebook

Access to a private Facebook group where you can share your experiences and ask questions to hundreds of people.

WhatsApp Group

Access to people in your community, city or country so that you feel supported at all times. 

Essential Practice Membership

Access to our private web page where together with Elena Brower we create videos, tips, frequently asked questions and much more Monthly calls Connect to talk with our community, ask questions and learn more about the uses and business of doterra.


Ready to Register?

Follow the next steps!

Step 1: Join the soul stylist doterra team

Drop your details in the form below. I’ll reach out to support you if you need any help during registration. Visit my doTERRA page HERE. Once your oils arrive, we will schedule in a call together where I’ll introduce you to your kit, share all the details in engaging in my doTERRA community and help you begin this journey.

I am super excited that you are part of our community! You're going to love it!

Name *

Step 2: Register with doTerra

If you live in the USA

  1. Visit my doTERRA page HERE

  2. In the top navigation select ‘Become a Member’ and then click ‘Wholesale Customer’.

  3. Follow the prompts to enter all of your information.

  4. Choose your kit! I would recommend either the ‘Family Essentials Kit’ which includes 5ml oils; or the ‘Home Essentials Kit’ which includes larger oil bottles of 15ml and a diffuser.

  5. Wait for jam-packed emails fulls of information about how to use your oils, and get excited for the arrival of your new kit!

If you live outside of the USA

If you selected ‘outside of the USA’ as your region in the contact form above, I will be in touch with you by email to arrange a call and explain to you the registration process for getting Global Access (this is to supply doTERRA oils outside of the United States).  



Where can I buy the oils?

 You can purchase and sell doTERRA oils worldwide, however there are two registration processes for people who live within the USA and those who live outside of the USA.

Please follow the instruction above under ‘Ready to Register’ for further information.

How do the oils arrive?

 If you are in the United States, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Mexico or Costa Rica, the oils will arrive directly at your home. If you are in other countries, you must send the oils to a locker in the United States and then send them to your country. Note: We already have the contacts of the companies / people that send the products to Colombia and Ecuador.

 Is there a minimum monthly purchase? 

If wish to distribute doTERRA oils as part of a business, please be aware that a guideline monthly spend of $100 USD is recommended so that you are able to generate the volume and be able to pay your commissions. 

What is the minimum amount to register? 

There are different level ‘starter kits’ available when regsteresing that depend on your country. Follow the steps above under ‘Ready to Register’ to see what is currently options.

Photo: Sarah Willcox

Photo: Sarah Willcox