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Where art, soul and style meet.


Years of fashion design, styling and creative work has taught me many things, but the one most powerful and life-changing lesson has definitely been the following:

Real style is understanding that fashion is a silent language that helps us to express our personality and hints to who we are and what we feel. We tell our story in a creative way, through different colours, prints and shapes.

When we see our outer image as a vehicle to express our light and purpose, we add a sophistication and playfulness that allows everything to effortlessly flow.


Style is not only about trends, it's about storytelling, art, life, texture, sound and definitely movement.


Are you ready to discover what makes you feel and look beautiful, comfortable, empowered and sexy?

I can help you develop a style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

The way we FEEL about our style will help or block what we want to MANIFEST. Why? Well its simple, we can’t give or get what we’re not feeling or connected to.

When we live our truth we’re called to express it through what we wear, how we show up in the world, how we move and how we make others feel.  

It's for this reason that styling with me, always starts with you.

Yes, I want to know what colours you love. I want to know what shapes make you feel powerful and sexy. I want to know what materials you associate with beauty.

But firstly, what I want to know is what sets your soul on fire? What food awakens your taste buds? What music makes you come alive? When do you feel your most confident?

I want to know about all the things that make you who you are. This is what I call your light. Your uniqueness. Your soul.

It’s this spiritual blueprint that is the leading influence and inspiration for our styling work together.


“I met Michelle several years ago in her workshop 'How to dress the soul'.

Her testimony and gentleness reached deep into our hearts.

When life hits you, it can steal your health, your hair, your mobility and even some parts of your body. With certain costs, you can gain the physical strength to keep going physically, but not necessarily regain the emotional strength to feel beautiful again.

In her workshop Michelle gave support and tools that allowed us to feel hope and highlight our inner beauty. For her advice and teachings, I will always be grateful to have someone like Michelle in my life."



The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.”

Diana Vreeland


Through my style consultations you will learn how to:

  • Feel sexy in your skin through understand and communicating with your body and intuition in a positive, loving and trusting way.

  • Own your feelings. When it comes to genuine style, attitude matters. You’ll learn how to express your personality through the outfits that you choose.

  • Keep your glow on through understanding how the energy of each colour choice an help you style your day.

  • NEVER SAY NEVER! I’ll support you to think outside the box and explore new and different styles that you might just fall in love with!

  • Combine different colours, patterns and shapes in a complimentary way.

  • Keep your fashion functional. I’ll show you how you can nurture a style that works in harmony with your lifestyle, work and habits.

  • Create new inspiring looks from the clothes, shoes and accessories you currently own.

  • Shop smart, through investing in key and versatile pieces with a unique and distinctive flair.

You will also get:

  • Direction on how to understand and verbalize the look you really want to achieve.

  • Professional advice on which colours and patterns best suit your skin, hair, eye colour and energy.

  • Specific guidance on which shapes and styles work best for your body.

  • Advice on how to use makeup, shoes and accessories to enhance your overall image.

  • Observations and advice on your body language and posing.

  • A detailed outline of how you can mix and match your outfits, transform them from day to night and create varied looks for different situations and occasions.

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Who I work with

The people I work with come to me from many different backgrounds, lifestyles, careers and countries.

The way in which we work reflects the uniqueness of every single client – from individual women and men who want to learn about their true style or refresh their current look, to supporting fashion companies with their advertising campaigns, collections and runway shows.

I’ve worked in and alongside businesses on artistic design, communications strategies and creative direction. I have consulted in the corporate, entertainment and diplomatic worlds; styling politicians, public speakers, film artists and those in the media. I’ve also worked with brides to help them achieve their dream look.

The link that connects them all?

A longing to feel truly good and make a positive impact… while also being unique, empowered, comfortable, luminous, sophisticated and cool.

Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. The vision you have for yourself and your style is ready to become reality as soon as you say YES!


HONOUR your true style

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