If you’ve landed on this page then it means something powerful:

You are ready to take your personal growth to a whole new level.


THIS IS YOUR TIME to start living in alignment with your deepest dreams and desires.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little stuck, bored or unsure about a project, career or relationship. Maybe you have a specific idea about the outcomes you want to manifest, but unclear about the steps and changes you need to make to get there. Perhaps you’re not sure about what you want, you just know that something’s missing.

Sound familiar?

Wherever you’re at in your thinking or life, don’t worry, I get it and I’ve got your back.

This is why you’re here.


Together we will peel back the layers that are preventing you from hearing your authentic truth, so you can start to experience the things that you’ve been deeply craving for years.


“Just when I felt I was drowning in chaos and negativity, I met Michelle. Her magical way of being is extra special, she has a genuine spark and a unique way of explaining things that penetrate your subconscious and pull you up in a way that is positive and contagious. She helped me to face my fear and transform it into love. This made me stronger, more positive and grateful. Great coaches are hard to find.  I can honestly say that Michelle has changed my life – not for a moment, but for a lifetime.”

Michelle Nuñez



Release limiting beliefs and nurture your best self?

Break away from negative cycles and create positive, permanent change?

Learn how to attract into your life what you want and need?

Heal your relationships with work, money and success?

Shake things up and discover your life’s purpose?

Feel secure and welcome love into every aspect of your life?

Transform the way you interact with your mind, body and soul?


life Coaching is a life-changing experience that will help you discover a new, empowered you.


My coaching programs are soulfully designed to help you connect to and work with your inner light so you can start to understand your purpose in life and unlock your spiritual blueprint.

From this place of deep clarity we will set you on a path towards your goals through creating energizing routines and positive habits that will keep you connected to your most authentic truth.

When you coach with me, you will learn how to…  

  • Understand the language of your intuition and how you can use this voice to guide you towards greater happiness, fulfilment and purpose.

  • Set deeply inspiring but achievable goals that will set you on a path from where you are now to where you dream of being.

  • Replace limiting beliefs, fears and blocks with powerful practices that will help you work in harmony with the universe and manifest your desires.

  • Heal and soften the barriers around your heart through practicing love and forgiveness.

  • Introduce and use meditation, prayer and crystal healing as a tool for additional guidance.

  • Use your body and energy as an instrument to understanding what you need as your desires develop and grow.

  • Navigate change or challenges in a positive, grounded way.


“I have gone through different therapeutic processes but without a doubt I have not seen and felt such positive results than when working with Michelle de Matheu.

It has been a unique experience that I am very grateful for. Michelle has helped me to bring a positive perception during times of adversity which has enabled be to solve and understand each process that I am go though in a way that practices self-forgiveness. This has been an essential part of my spiritual, personal and physical evolution.

Michelle is the only person who has managed to reconnect me with myself and my emotions to achieve my goals; she is a very intuitive and empathetic woman, which allows her to create a real connection with the people around her.”



How you can work with me

All of my 1:1 coaching services are tailored to your needs and place soulful awakening alongside measureable change at the heart of our time together. However, all of my clients connect with me at different stages of their journey. This is why I’ve created three coaching bundles that are designed to meet you where you currently are on a mental and spiritual level.

Rebirth: 1 month package

Includes a single intensive or 1-4 coaching sessions.

Sacred Space: 3 month series

Includes 12 weekly coaching sessions.

Miracle Magnet: 6 month program

Includes 24 coaching sessions.

The life you desire is waiting for you All you have to say is "I’m Ready!"

Whether you desire big changes or small shifts, every movement is significant and infinitely powerful. Whatever your focus – business, work, relationships or general lifestyle – together we will dive deep into your heart and soul so you can start to build a life that makes you feel truly excited to live.

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