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“Michelle is a spiritual transformational leader, teacher and guide for the next generation of women who are ready for change.

She embodies empowerment, inspiration and motivation, and infuses love into everything that she does and creates. Michelle is a role model, change agent and thought leader – showing women what is truly possible when you step into your passion, follow your heart and go for your dreams.

Kelly Lynn Adams

Master Coach  |  Speaker  & Writer  |  Founder of The After 5 Club  |


“The world needs more leaders like Michelle, who consistently brings her full self – showing up with a compassionate, sincere and open heart to help others grow and flourish.”

Karla Blanco

 Best-Selling Author   |  Aspen Institute Fellow – Class IX CALI program


“Michelle demonstrated leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose.”

Tom Handley

Marketing and Public Relations – Parsons The New School For Design


“Michelle has a special, original way of styling and perceiving beauty and reaching people. I know her work will continue to transform many hearts.

Her knowledge, sophistication, esthetic and sensitivity make her work one of a kind ” 

Olger Sánchez –

Editor in Chief – Estilo Ejecutivo, La República  |


"She blossomed from a student with little knowledge of the industry into a fully functioning professional who conducted her duties with a diverse set of skills. She responds well to intellectually demanding situations and applies herself with enthusiasm.” 

Libbey Dorko

Senior Account Executive, Versace


"Michelle's energy is infectious, genuine and authentic. From the moment I met her, I knew she would continue to be a lifelong friend. As a boss babe, she's fierce. As a soul stylist and coach, you couldn't be in better hands. She will take you to a new level of empowerment that transcends labels and ideals. I would highly recommend Michelle as a coach to anyone looking to transform their life back into the light."

Michelle Tegola

Women's Empowerment Coach  |

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"Michelle, thank you for joining me on my journey. Your guidance and knowledge are invaluable to me, I am sure that your light will continue to illuminate many people more.”

Fátima Pinto

Singer, Songwriter

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“Michelle, with her never-ending contagious energy, has helped me remember not only the positive impact we can generate by sending love and light to those who surround us; but also, through her project, the Soul Stylist, has come up with practical ways to share tools that can be used on a daily basis.

The change that can be perceived is instant, once you decide to dedicate all of the teachings for attention and intention to be incorporated in your life.”



"There was a moment when I thought I was not capable of many things, now I believe that nothing is impossible. Your seminar taught me how to have the courage believe in myself, and that with effort and dedication I can achieve what I want.”



“Michelle is a highly inspirational, incredibly intuitive woman. Simply being in her presence is a pleasure. Her creative, though result-oriented approach makes it a joy to work with her. She has that unique ability to turn everything she touches into something very special and miraculous. I can only warmly and whole-heartedly recommend her as a business partner as well as a coach and speaker.

Heidi Hauer 

Health and Wellness Coach  |


"The expertise of this talented Costa Rican is advising women through makeup to accentuate their attributes and shine with personality."

Vogue MX


“Michelle is an amazing spiritual stylist and designer. What I love the most about her is her loving energy around body image and fashion. She combines outer beauty with the inner beauty in a very balanced way."

Coral Mujaes

Author  |  Speaker  |  Spiritual Teacher  |


“As a portrait photographer I have developed a way to read people, I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle and what she transmits is trust, joy of living and her strong belief in the restorative power of positive energy. In short, she believes that everyone’s path, as well as hers, has a positive purpose and the key to success in life is to improve the lives of others.”

Rebecca Saborio

Photographer  |


"El vestido hecho con cacao que pone en alto a América Latina"

Forbes Mx


“Michelle is the result of a great combination of style and spirituality. What she teaches is a reflection of her own experience. Her aim is that she can use her journey to serve and help others, which she undoubtedly does with the simple fact of existing.

She is a woman with a big heart but at the same time has a loving firmness. Beautiful inside and out. Michelle is a person who has a lot to share and teach the world.” 

Dano González

Life Coach  |  Author  |