sofi & mich

Luminous. Conscious. Aromatherapy.

Essential beauty roll-on blends for:

MIND - affirmations for each energy center.

BODY - Skincare. The best essential oils to help you nurture your gorgeous skin with best essential oils and diffusers.

SOUL- Energy speaks louder than words. Each blend has an intention for each chakra. Each quartz was chosen to match its frequency.



Energy protection blend

ELEVATE is an uplifting blend that provides a cheerful boost of positivity when you are feeling down. Its also a great source of energy protection and connection with Sahasrara (Crown) chakra.


Grape seed oil - lavender - Frankincense. *Made with natural, pure and organic ingredients *


Amethyst Quartz

22 USD

Made with love. Perfect for carrying in your pocket, yoga studio, office, car, or handbag.

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