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For almost a decade I have been an entrepreneur and creative; facilitating workshops, speaking and delivering training on authentic leadership and business. I’m deeply committed to supporting businesses to connect with their purpose, build strategies that will monetize their passion & message.

thought leaders and influencers. 

I have worked with many different organizations from technology agencies, fashion houses, to pharmaceutical corporations. No matter the business, I always come from the heart;  supporting its leaders and teams to clarify, celebrate and reach the full potential of the its authentic voice and impact. 


Depending on the size, structure and current focus of your business, I will deliver to company-wide audiences or specific teams and departments.

This can be in the format of presentations, seminars, keynote speaking, workshops and staff training across multiple sessions or days.

Please note: If you are looking for specific strategic advice or 1:1 support, please see my Corporate Coaching services.


I'm committed to helping companies and individuals reach greater levels of financial freedom & productivity in ways that set their soul on fire


At each event, my mission is to ensure participants leave feeling:

  • A greater sense of confidence, focus and productivity about achieving their professional and personal goals.

  • Connected to the values of the business and eager to implement these in all aspect of their work.

  • Excited by challenges and able to approach obstacles as opportunities to reach their full potential.

  • Inspired to become great leaders who nurture, motivate and select their staff in heart-centred, innovate ways.

  • Ready for change and to break the routines that no longer serve themselves, their teams or businesses.

  • A new sense of passion and engagement with their work, their 'why' and their unique skills and insight.


Popular topics include:

  • How to Become a Best Seller

  • Leaders Creating Leaders

  • Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities

  • Dress For Success

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Development & Growth


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If you are ready to shake things up and bring a heart-centred, soulful approach to how you motivate and inspire your staff, I would love to connect with you and your business.

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