Stories of transformation

I am truly honoured to be able to connect with and support so many amazing women, men and businesses.

Here's what some of them have shared about their experience with me.

Michelle Nuñez.jpg

“Just when I felt I was drowning in chaos and negativity, I met Michelle. Her magical way of being is extra special, she has a genuine spark and a unique way of explaining things that penetrate your subconscious and pull you up in a way that is positive and contagious. She helped me to face my fear and transform it into love. This made me stronger, more positive and grateful. Great coaches are hard to find.  I can honestly say that Michelle has changed my life – not for a moment, but for a lifetime.”

Michelle Nuñez


“Michelle has been a source of amazing guidance to me over the past few years. Her advice or reading recommendations would always bring me back to myself and help me to see the light or face my fears.

She has been and still is part of my growth path as a person and as a woman. For that I am so thankful to have her in my life as my coach and soul stylist.”

Selma El Rehzzali – Hong Kong

Mariana Diaz.jpg

“I have gone through different therapeutic processes but without a doubt I have not seen and felt such positive results than when working with Michelle de Matheu.

It has been a unique experience that I am very grateful for. Michelle has helped me to bring a positive perception during times of adversity which has enabled be to solve and understand each process that I am go though in a way that practices self-forgiveness. This has been an essential part of my spiritual, personal and physical evolution.

Michelle is the only person who has managed to reconnect me with myself and my emotions to achieve my goals; she is a very intuitive and empathetic woman, which allows her to create a real connection with the people around her.”

Mariana Diaz – Costa Rica


It was my pleasure to attend your seminar, you inspired me and opened my eyes to many different opportunities and resources that I was not aware of.  - Tatiana Saab.

Tatiana Saab – Paris


"There was a moment when I thought I was not capable of many things, now I believe that nothing is impossible. Your seminar taught me how to have the courage believe in myself, and that with effort and dedication I can achieve what I want.”

Michelle Mora


“Michelle, with her never-ending contagious energy, has helped me remember not only the positive impact we can generate by sending love and light to those who surround us; but also, through her project, the Soul Stylist, has come up with practical ways to share tools that can be used on a daily basis.

The change that can be perceived is instant, once you decide to dedicate all of the teachings for attention and intention to be incorporated in your life.”

Paola Ortega – Costa Rica

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