About Très Tropical...  


It all started when...

When I met Juan José @monsieurduran 3 years ago. We met one another five years ago at an art exhibit.They started to envision a eutopic lifestyle that would express the fabulous textiles, nature, colors, mindfulness, and flavors of Costa Rica and Latinamerica.
Through their project they want to show that Latin culture has a beautiful and strong heritage and art that must be shared with the world!!

Through our work we want to promote actions that trigger a quality
of life for as many people as possible: new ways of thinking, peaceful expression, education, gender equality, collective consciousness, and to learn how to integrate and respect nature...

With a sense of relaxed and timeless ease, we tell a story and offer a unique experience through their effortless, sophisticated, tropical lifestyle. 


The TrèsTropical time is endless and eternal, an illusion where the continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as one. Time like art is ageless, it follows no rules, has its own movement, and generates emotions and opinions.

It is numinous, unique, joyful, expansive, everlasting, wild, and free. Infinite possibilities embraced by nature in one dimension. Our message can be worn, shared, exposed.

"I wish your time would be like mine…
I wish your time would be TrèsTropical"



Every action and thought has an impact on nature, society and our lives.TrèsTropical is a movement that promotes a conscious lifestyle, where what we create guarantee experiences with cultural and emotional value, which remains over time.With very clear messages, we seek to create a collective consciousness and to be agents of change. We need to be responsible, sustainable and aware of what we create. 

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